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Big Rick gets featured in Fox News!

How cool is this?



After Presidential Candidate Peter Buttigieg's interview to country radio was scratched. Big Rick decided to invite Peter on his show, so he could get his message out to country radio listeners. 


It all started with this tweet: 



Big Rick chats with The Walking Dead's Pollyanna McIntosh!

Big Rick chats with Pollyanna about her directorial debut and role in the new movie "Darlin'". She also discusses her work in mental health and suicide prevention, and her time with AMC's the Walking Dead!

[Podcast] Deana Carter chats with Big Rick!


Deana Carter chats with Big Rick about her role in the upcoming new movie "A Very Country Wedding" on UPtv.

She also tells us about a dream she had about Brandi Carlile, and her fear of her hubby seeing kissing scenes in her movies, and more!   



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