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Podcast: Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Rick skims off his Goober 95.1 interview with Dr. Sanjay Gupta about his new "Chasing Life" series on CNN. A fascinating interview about healthcare around the world!


Podcast: Jerrod Niemann

Big Rick skims off his interview with Jerrod about his Tall Boys & Short Stories Tour announcement coming to the Plaza Theater May 23rd, presented by Goober 95.1/95 LIVE Concert Series.


Check out Jerrod's new single "Old Glory" below! 



Podcast: Big Rick chats with the VERY funny Cletus T. Judd!

Big Rick skims off his recent interview with the VERY funny Cletus T. Judd!

We chat about what his life in the last year has been like, his new tour and new energy in comedy!


Podcast: Jay Mohr

This got lost in the podcast archives. I decided post my interview with the very very funny Jay Mohr during his stop in Boise last summer.

It starts out funny, then we go deep, very very deep. It's a great listen! 



Podcast: Lanco's Tripp Howell





Rick skims off his KIZN Afternoon Show interview with Lanco drummer Tripp Howell on the bands stop in Boise (01/17/19). Tripp also shares the bands success, unknown things about band members, his terrible tweeting skills and more!


Rick's Top 2018 Instagram Moments

Rick highlights his favorite Instagram moments of 2018! 

I thought I'd share some of my favorite and cool moments in my radio and social media career, from my Instagram feed! 

I LOVE to have fun wth Instagram! You'll most likely find me there, and often on social media.

Feel free to direct message me anytime on Instagram!




Nothing like this team here! #CountryStomp

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My job is just the worst....???????? @monsterenergy @pbr @fordidahocenter

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Super cool dude! Thanks @thomasrhettakins for coming to the #TreasureValley

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Rodeo time! @srsrodeo #Idahome

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?Nothing like it! @ims #Indy500? ? #MemorialDay #ThisIsMay?

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Podcast: Morgan Evans

Rick chats with Morgan Evans just shortly before his debut single "Kiss Somebody" hits #1 in the charts.


He talks about his roots, his wife Kelsea Ballerini, and his inspiration behind his first radio hit!


ANNOUNCEMENT: I'll be heading to GOOBER 95.1 in Bowling Green, KY!

Welp! I made the announcement of my next move on Facebook LIVE today! 


Watch below. 

I got a BEAUTIFUL welcome message from GOOBER nation too!



Learn more about GOOBER 95.1 WGGC HERE


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Today is my last day, at KIZN KISSIN 92.3


These words, were surreal to type............

Today is my last day, at KISSIN 92.3.

When I started to write this, time just stopped. I froze. Almost 3 years in the Treasure Valley feels more like 10 years to me. The overwhelming memories, amazing adventures I’ve been a part of, all the wonderful people I’ve met & become friends with, it’s just incredible to process.


To my Cumulus Boise radio family,



Thank you to my amazing and talented Program Director Hank Aaron, who saw and believed in my talent, who coached me, pushed me, and taught me to walk out that door everyday, even on the worst ones, to give it my all.


Thank you to our awesome morning team, Cory & Shawnda, for treating me like family, literally, taking me in as a adopted brother.


A special thank you to Shawnda, and her husband Dave, for helping me through some tough personal challenges, you two mean the world to me.


I can’t mention everyone in already really long letter, but to all the radio professionals, who work in this building, thank you for all fun memories, friendships, and support. I’m proud, to call all of you my friends.


Also, a special thank you to our leaders at Cumulus: Mike McVay, John Dimick, Doug Hammand, Greg Frey, Christina Albee, Suzy Schultz and Mary Berner for your incredible leadership, and personal support at my time with Cumulus. Thank you.


The memories are all flooding back as I type this.


So many, amazing listeners are what make KISSIN 92.3 a wonderful place to work. I saw many of you at 3 absolutely awesome Jackson Country Stomps. Hundreds of you showed up at dozens and dozens of ticket stops, where I got to talk and get to know you.


Also, the 3 awesome Mountain Home Country Music Fest’s, where you get to camp out and hang with fans!


So many HUGE concerts, where y’all showed up and showed us why the Treasure Valley is an

amazing country music destination.


What’s most amazing to me, is how this community raised thousands and thousands of dollars for Keep Kids Warm, the generosity displayed still blows my mind.


This experience is honestly, not about me. It’s all about YOU. Thank you, for letting me into your world, your community, and into your lives every afternoon for the last 3 years. “Life changing”, are the two words that come to my mind, when I try to summarize my time here.


This is bittersweet as they say. But I always try to move forward with positives.

I’ll be departing soon to my next new and exciting adventure.


Most importantly this puts me incredibly closer to my 5 beautiful & amazing kids. It’s no secret, I’ve been missing them the last few months. They have been my rock, and 100% supportive of my adventure in Idaho.


Aren’t kids amazing? They teach us more, than we teach them.


They understood the importance of their dad having the courage to try something new, chase your dreams, and do what God gave you as a talent and calling. They honestly, had more courage than I did through all this.


I can't thank enough Gabby, Gracie, Sophie, Makayla and Carter, for the amazing love and support, they give me every single day. I love you so much, my angels.

Now, on to the radio side of all of this change.


I am leaving in 3 weeks to pursue a new radio challenge, which I will be announcing in the next couple of weeks.


I would love to stay in touch with my Treasure Valley family.


Let’s follow each other’s adventures! Of course my Facebook Page, Twitter & Instagram are always a good place to reach me. I’ll list these links below.


Once again, thank you Treasure Valley, and all of Idaho! You’ve made this the best place to live, work, and play in the world! I’ll miss y’all so much.


Whomever lands in the KISSIN 92.3 Afternoon Chair next, is in for a ride of a lifetime!


Love y’all,


- Rick


Ways to stay in touch:

Website: https://onairwithrick.com

Email: rick@onairwithrick.com

Social Media:





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LANCO @ the Revolution Center 01.17.19

Check out our Photos & Videos we took from last night's LANCO show!



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@lancomusic killing it @revolutioncenter tonight!

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Brandon Lay @ The Buffalo Club!


Check out exclusive videos & photos from Brandon's show @ the Buffalo Club!





@brandonlay in stage @ The Buffalo Club #Boise! https://t.co/UJoNjalrZt

— Rick Daniels (@OnAirWithRick) December 1, 2018
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Really enjoyed @brandonlay music tonight! He’s gonna be star! pic.twitter.com/5DLM0wodNq

— Rick Daniels (@OnAirWithRick) December 1, 2018

Life Changes Tour 2018


2018 Country Stomp Interviews

Listen in as Rick interviews 2018 Jacksons Country Stomp Artists.



Easton Corbin @ The Revolution Center!



Desirae Bronson got things going! 




Easton came out and rocked Boise! See our videos below! 









Travis Denning @ Solid Bar & Grill!




New artist Travis Denning performs live at Solid Bar & Grill in Boise, ID.


We also got a sneak peak of his new hit "David Ashley Parker from Powder Springs"



Podcast: Brett Eldredge

Rick skims off his KIZN interview with Brett Eldredge and The Long Way Tour stop in Boise, Idaho!

Smithfield at Solid Bar & Grill



Country Duo Smithfield stopped in Boise on Friday for a special Kissin' Country Cafe VIP lunch at Solid Bar & Grill in downtown Boise.


Below is a video from our Facebook Live Friday of some new music, it features the 1st single "Hey Whiskey" coming out 03.28 !



Weekend Warrior Tour 2018 - Boise!



The Weekend Warrior Tour made an AMAZING stop in Boise on Friday night bringing country music stars Brad Paisley, Dustin Lynch, Chase Bryant, & Lindsay Ell!


Below are video highlights! 











Hell on a Highway Tour - Boise: Justin Moore & Dylan Scott

Check out some of the pictures and Videos from last night! The "Hell on a Highway" tour took over the Ford Idaho Center!


Dylan Scott and Headliner Justin Moore played an outstanding show! Check out videos and photos below! 







A BIG thank you to Justin & Dylan for having me backstage! 



Podcast: Devin Dawson

Rick chats with newcomer Devin Dawson about his hit single "All On Me", and about his new album "Dark Horse" which released 01/19! 




Garth Brooks in Spokane!



Rick set out to see Garth Brooks in his 1st show since his big 2017 CMA Awards "Entertainer of the Year" win!

And of course, Garth and Trisha spent some time together on stage!

I got to see first hand, WHY he was deserving of the title!

The Garth Brooks World Tour 2017 was just AMAZING!  Thanks again to Garth & Trisha for having me backstage!


Podcast: Rick is featured in Crowdfire Stories!

Rick is featured in Crowdfire Stories! Crowdfire Stories: Confessions Of A Famous Radio Host & Social Influencer


Details from Podcast


@OnAirWithRick is a super fun On-Air Radio Personality who recently started his own podcast. He has a verified Facebook Page & Twitter with over 150,000 followers. He is teaching you how to step out on your own as brand, how to grow an audience and be brave enough to put your personality out there authentically on the podcast.


2017 PBR Dewalt Invitational @ the Ford Idaho Center





The PBR took over the Ford Idaho Center this past weekend! It was a BLAST! 

Here are some of the video highlights! 





We also helped raise some money for the Man Up Crusade ! Was a pleasure helping out this terrific organization! 



I would also like to compliment the PBR riders! What great ambassadors of their sport! They aren't afraid to get out and meet the fans! 




Finally, thanks to the Jack Daniels & Monster Energy Girls for posing with me!


NBC's The Voice Season 7 winner: Craig Wayne Boyd @ Solid Bar & Grill




The Voice (Season 7) Winner Craig Wayne Boyd stopped in Boise last night to host a VIP "Happy Hour" Experience at Solid Bar & Grill! 



See our Video highlights below: 




@CWBYall thanks for coming out! Loved the new music! @Kissin923 #Boise

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Chase Rice @ The Knitting Factory - 2017

What an awesome, SOLD OUT show last night with Chase Rice at the Knitting Factory!  Here are some of the video Highlights!